New Paris Hilton documentary 'Paris, Not France

New Paris Hilton documentary 'Paris, Not France,' featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the heiress, premiered tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. Film, directed by Adria Petty, shows a softer side of Paris, who talks about her life as a pop culture and fashion icon in a world of intense media scrutiny. Hilton talks about her image, her notorious sex tape, the paparazzi who follow her and just the business of being her.

"I'm basically being judged, and they're creating this false person, and I can't do anything about it," Hilton says in the pic.

Also mentioned in the film: Polls show that in certain demographics, more people identify the name 'Paris' with 'Hilton' than with 'France.'

Film features interviews with Hilton's parents, sister Nicky, publicist Elliott Mintz and Donald Trump. In concept, 'Not France' is similar to Madonna's 1991 documentary 'Truth or Dare,' which chronicled the life of the superstar on tour. from